An exhibition realized in collaboration with Andrew Parker, CEO of Lifescaped and Senior Research Fellow at Green Templeton College, University of Oxford | Guest artists: Kustaa Saksi, Álvaro Negro, Orlanda Broom, Filipa Tojal, Michal Fargo, Sasha Ferré, and Gwen Hardie | Sage Culture | Los Angeles, USA | 10.12.22 > 25.02.2023

Sage Culture is honored to present "Consciousness," an exhibition realized in collaboration with Andrew Parker, a scientist and artist who has been, over the past 25 years, dedicating his life to researching photonic structures and eyes: evolution, development, and biomimetics. His main field of study is the diversity and evolution of structural color in nature. 

The Exhibition presents Professor Parker's outstanding achievements, showcasing cutting-edge technology representing the ultimate intersection between art and science. For "Consciousness," the concept was expanded through a visual conversation with seven guest artists: Kustaa Saksi, Álvaro Negro, Orlanda Broom, Filipa Tojal, Michal Fargo, Sasha Ferré, and Gwen Hardie.


As an artist, Andrew Parker has developed a vast body of work inspired by nature, evolutionary events, and the developmental processes of bodies. His scientific background goes hand in hand with his artistic development. After his discoveries with Pure Structural Colour®, he began using it in his artistic creations to replace standard pigments. In 2021, Andrew Parker exhibited his artistic work and Pure Structural Colour® at KEW Gardens in London, one of the greatest botanical gardens in the world. The exhibition, entitled Naturally Brilliant Colour, showcased Andrew's cutting-edge technology in a gallery setting for the first time and was highly appreciated by the general public and critics.


The dialogue between the evolutionary aspect of each color and its pure form found in nature with the artist's perspectives enhances the sensation. For the "Consciousness" exhibition at Sage Culture, Andrew produced seven 50cm-diameter Pure Structural Colour® discs in different hues. Each hue represents an aspect of the human psyche that evolved within the brain's regions dedicated to vision.


Made using only transparent materials, each Pure Structural Colour® disc reflects a hue in the white spotlight with optimal brightness, triggering effects in our visual system that seemingly captures the psychological aspect portrayed. According to Andrew's Line of Sight hypothesis, As our ancestors evolved, our brains extracted and acted upon increasing information from our retinas, which ultimately led to higher consciousness.

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